Apple @ CES 2010?

Several others have reported that although Apple has officially stated they will not attend Macworld next January, they will have a presence at CES in 2010. This has raised a few questions to say the least about the company’s reasons for the switch. What are they going to accomplish by being there? Surrounded by PC makers and Windows software developers, sure it’s different, but being forced to share the stage instead of having a show to themselves is just weird. No Macworld means the company is not captive to a January release or announcement right after people have spent money on gifts for the holidays. Long-time Apple users have always known that it was better to delay a purchase until Macworld in case some great new thing was announced; I wondered the same thing when I switched to a Macbook Pro last year, whether a new model would be introduced a week later. Trade shows (with the exception of WWDC) have always seemed like a bit of a circus for Apple with its most intense followers cheering fervently about the new products being unveiled. Holding events on their own terms in Cupertino would seem like the ideal solution for this, but instead they decide it’s better to make the trek to Vegas and put the company’s latest offerings in the middle of an absolute zoo, real smart.