Microsoft to Ignore Web Standards in Outlook 2010

Typical Microsoft. It’s not so much that using tables for layout is always a bad design choice – I frankly find it easier to write code without having to worry about positioning until the end – or that CSS-based layout is hard to do, it just requires a bit more concentration in order to get the job done. Still, the company refuses to use a real browsing engine to deal with something (Email) that most people do online – I intentionally do not mention large corporate environments using only desktop-based solutions, here they are the exception. Using Word to accomplish this task is probably the worst possible solution to the problem (i.e, MHTML is a train-wreck, and the fault lies squarely with Redmond, which developed the spec) and it’s done for the sake of user convenience and features! This is the reason why so many interactive design firms and ad agencies charge a premium when developing for Outlook 2007 (and to a lesser extent, Entourage 2008), it’s not always easy to do. If developers and users actually talked to each other and REALLY LISTENED, maybe Microsoft wouldn’t have these kinds of problems come back to bite them later on.