One Problem Solved

Jacqui Cheng points out a surprise addition to the Sharing options in iPhoto 11:

iPhoto no longer forces users to upload their photos into sets originally created in iPhoto. Finally, we can upload photos to sets that we created from the Web or another app, or to no set at all—gasp! Even better, iPhoto pulls in additional data from the photo sharing sites.

Because iPhoto ’09 can only interact with the sharing options ‘one-way’, it doesn’t know about photos you already have posted to these services and real integration is marginal at best. It means that instead of seeing the date when the photo was first posted to Facebook (or Flickr), you get the date used by iPhoto. The new version fixes that problem and is really how sharing should have been done all along.

Now if only they could do something about Ping, and syncing, and iDisk, and…oh never mind.