Suggestions for the Mac App Store

Hopefully a few of these will be addressed in the coming months. As I’ve said before, this one is long overdue:

We’d like the Mac App Store to make the process of uninstalling an application, and all its support files, as easy as installing it was. The current process is overly optimistic in my opinion, holding out hope that people will change their mind and reinstall stuff. If so, what was the point of removing it in the first place? It could be as simple as letting you click an Uninstall button next to a program’s name in the Mac App Store’s Purchases screen. If Apple intends for the Store to truly take the confusion and frustration out of managing your Mac’s software, this is a must.

If they can solve this, and find a way to convert existing customers into App Store customers, I’ll be happy. I’ll bet that Apple will have something to say about this at WWDC in June, if not sooner.

(via Macworld)