Find My Mac requires an Administrator account

Moved my stuff to iCloud from MobileMe last night and although everything seems to be fine, something still worries me. Looking at the preference pane, the text underneath the checkbox for Find My Mac sticks out for all the wrong reasons:

Find my Mac (Administrator authorization required)

Seems sensible, right? It would be, except for the fact that the control is disabled on non-Admin accounts (You are running as a Standard user, RIGHT???). Currently, there’s no way for iCloud to present the Authentication dialog to non-Admin users to enable this feature for their iCloud accounts. If this is being tested in a beta, fine, but as I’m writing this, the feature doesn’t exist.

Sure, you could log out of the current user, switch to an Admin account, sign in iCloud from that account and enable Find my Mac, but for most people, that’s too many steps.