Free iWork and the End of the Tyranny of MS Office

Tris Hussey:

Now, what if and—I don’t think this is a stretch—in a month or two when Apple announces that OS 10.9 Mavericks we learn that it will also come with iWork for free? We know from WWDC that iWork is getting more attention now, so a new iWork for free when you buy Mavericks would make smart sense. Buy a Mac, start it up and you have everything you need right off the bat to work. Nothing extra needed. Now where’s MS Office?

For consumers, this could be a really big deal as iWork probably does most of what they need for far less money than what Office for Mac costs today. As Apple keeps working to resolve the issues around interoperability with the Windows version of Office, iWork becomes not only an option, but a serious competitor.1

If this scenario does become a reality, it’s safe to say that Apple’s efforts to learn how to manage large deployments for education have been successful.2

  1. The only notable exception at this point is the corporate desktop, where historical precedent and inertia have prevented Apple from making any significant gains in marketshare.

  2. Except for a few bright spots, academic technology is terrible.