Own Your Words

Matt Gemmell:

But if no-one is paying, and you’re instead doing the courageous thing and sharing your raw words with the audience, do it on your own terms – whether that’s a hosted Tumblr or WordPress blog, or something you’ve set up yourself. The tech isn’t important; the personal exclusivity is.

There’s so much good stuff in here it’s ridiculous. When I take the time to write something here, you’re hearing my voice and no one else. The fact that I also control the technology that allows me to write is a side benefit. It means that I’m no longer at the whim of a hosted service that might disappear at some point and I have the freedom to create a workflow that suits my needs - not the other way around where I have to adapt to someone else’s system.

To be clear, I’m proud of the technological underpinnings of this site, but it is all done in service of giving me a place to write that is uniquely mine.

Commenting systems and sharing buttons can help to build an audience, but once you add another voice to the mix, the message can get lost in the noise created by the community. Feedback is great, but not if it is received at the expense of the author’s voice.

This is my voice, and I intend for it to stay that way.