Dogbert Hovers


Hell is other people's footsteps.

New York Needed Ventilators. So They Developed One in a Month


Square peg in a round hole - rapidly.

The Full Emoji List


Always good to have a reference, especially for the more obscure ones.

Little Things I Like to Do with Git


Make more aliases, your hands will thank you. Because Git is really powerful, but also really verbose.

Invisible iOS Home Screen Icons


Bookmarking this for September as it looks more and more likely that screen sizes are going up again.

How to Make Instant Ramen Cacio e Pepe with David Chang


Is it the healthiest thing in the world? No. But, damn if it doesn’t look good. One of these days, I’m going to try it - just to see if it lives up to the hype.

Emulate Print Layout with Chrome DevTools


Like the author of this piece, you’re probably thinking, 'Who prints things?', well sometimes there’s just no way around it. I’ve experimented with setting the media type to “print” in the past, but the results were inconsistent. BBEdit’s Preview window can do this, however it required a significant of manual fiddling, generating a bunch of scratch PDF copies as I went along. This seems like it could be a much better solution.

Brian Kernighan on successful language design


Some people will tell you that the only way to really be sure you understand something is to try to teach it to another person. Watching this got me motivated to actually learn enough LaTeX to convert my resume and marketing plan. It has its rough edges, but for printed material, I’ve found working in it to be rather enjoyable.