Sites on the Cheap

As this site’s content has become a bit of a running commentary regarding its own creation, let’s continue with that theme.

I really like what @parkr did with his Stuff repo - just a simple microsite for collecting links to interesting things he finds - so I decided to do the same. I called it Links (because why not), just to avoid any namespace conflicts with other things already in my Home directory. Of course, it needs to live somewhere, and since I like to keep things as simple as possible, I decided to use a subdomain (e.g,

I seem to remember @imathis built a plugin for doing linkblog style entries, but I don’t know if it was ever ported to Jekyll 3. Parker created a bunch of tasks for doing these kinds of things in a Rakefile, so I’ll see if that works out better. It might even give me some ideas for how to build out my Jekyll Scripts repo, which itself could use an update one of these days.