The 60% Keyboard

Unless there’s a change coming next week, I might need to consider something like this - or bite the bullet and dive headfirst into the Wirecutter’s keyboard reviews. My current MacBook Pro will be 5 in December, so it’s getting to the point where I should start thinking about what comes next.

With all of the hand-wringing over the reliability of Apple’s current keyboard designs, it seems appropriate to take stock of where things stand today in our house. The keyboard on the 2017 MacBook has held up well so far, but it is currently shared by my parents and doesn’t really get all that much use. However, my brother is looking to replace a truly awful HP Envy and is considering his first Mac.

I suspect that telling him a separate keyboard purchase might be something he should spend money on will not go over well.

I can almost hear the yelling now…all the way from Charlotte.